Monday, October 3, 2011

Allison Joseph Week

Allison Joseph at SIUE Sept. 9, 2010
This week (Oct. 3 - 7), we're dedicating a series of posts to the work of poet Allison Joseph, whose poetry some of us have followed for some time now. A year ago when we began implementing plans to blog regularly about poetry, we chose to make our writings about Allison's poetry central to our overall project. As a prolific writer who has covered a range of topics, we concluded that she would provide us with many points of departure. 

Since arriving at SIUE, poets Stacey Lynn Brown and Adrian Matejka have really led the way increasing the appreciation and lore of Allison Joseph. Stacey and Adrian are clearly employees of some large contemporary poetry advocacy group, as they are constantly identifying poets, volumes of poetry, and individual poems people would enjoy. And they are particularly inclined to highlight Allison Joseph. Stacey's and Adrian's enthusiasm about Allison's poetry has in part inspired and guided our interest in blogging about her writings.        

We hope our entries this week on Allison Joseph will further extend interest in her work.

October 3: Allison Joseph Week
October 3: Allison Joseph and Paradoxes: An Introduction by Stacey Lynn Brown
October 4: “Elegy for the Person Letter” by Allison Joseph by Clarissa Richee
October 4: Blogging about Allison Joseph compiled by Howard Rambsy II
October 5: The Poet Showdown: “Prompt” by Allison Joseph By Cindy Lyles
October 6: "Bio Note" By Allison Joseph By Clarissa Richee
October 7: Allison Joseph and Productivity in Poetry By Howard Rambsy II
October 7: 20 Poems by Allison Joseph complied by Howard Rambsy II
October 8: The Writer as Runner: Allison Joseph by Howard Rambsy II

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