Friday, September 2, 2011

Blogging About Poetry in August

I began the month writing about poetry during the 1990s. I enjoyed looking back and learned quite a bit too. Over the course of the month, I wrote about poets Jessica Care Moore, Elizabeth Alexander, C. Liegh McInnis, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Tracie Morris, Evie Shockley, Nikky Finney, and Langston Hughes.

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I also got a chance to think and write about sonnets, a poetry book trailer, publishers, and cultural capital. It was a good month. Most notably, Cindy Lyles, one of our black studies contributors, provided a piece about Sonia Sanchez and her haiku.

• August 27: Sonia Sanchez’s morning haiku [By Cindy Lyles]
• August 26: Jazz, Cultural Capital, and Black Poetry
• August 22: Encountering Poems by Langston Hughes in Comic Strips
• August 22: Evie Shockley's "improper(ty) behavior"
• August 18: The Poet (Tracie Morris) vs. the Rappers (of East St. Louis)
• August 15: The Strength of Weak Ties in Nikky Finney's Sonnet Sequence
• August 14: Black Poetry published by Graywolf Press
• August 13: When Black Poetry Isn't Written & Published, Does It Count?
• August 10: 10 Poems by African American Poets on Poemflow
• August 9: Rachel Eliza Griffiths's Trailer for her Upcoming Book of Poems
• August 7: Elizabeth Alexander's "The Venus Hottentot" during the 1990s
• August 6: Jerry W. Ward as My Gateway Guide to Poetry during the 1990s
• August 5: C. Liegh McInnis's 1990s Groundwork in Mississippi
• August 5: Jessica Care Moore at the Apollo
• August 4: Some Volumes of Poetry Published During the 1990s
• August 3: 10 Books of Collected Works by African American Poets from the 1990s
• August 2: 10 Notable African American Anthologies Feat. Poetry from the 1990s
• August 1: African American Poetry During the 1990s: Some notable occurrences
• August 1: Blogging about Poetry in July 2011

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