Saturday, September 24, 2011

Coordinators Guide Young People on Tour of Poetry

Danielle Hall providing introductory remarks to the students.
Yesterday at Combs Elementary School, our program coordinators Cindy Lyles and Danielle Hall provided guidance to the young people at our audio-visual exhibit. Cindy and Danielle also led the discussions before and following each tour.

This past summer, our coordinators participated in a poetry seminar focusing on the work of Sonia Sanchez at James Madison University in Virginia. The seminar had provided them with opportunities to expand their knowledge and pedagogical skills concerning literature and especially black poetry.

Cindy Lyles leading a post-exhibit discussion
Actually, Cindy and Danielle have been poets long before they began working with Black Studies. In fact, one reason we recruited them was because of their talents and experiences as artists.

At the elementary school on Friday, the students had a good time participating in discussions about their favorite poems, audio recordings of poets that they found interesting, and photographs that caught their attention. Cindy and Danielle collaborated to ensure that the students would have a positive gateway experience with African American verse.

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