Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10 Black Arts Era Poems

The black arts era of the 1960s and 1970s facilitated the production of a large number of poems and the emergence of new and older poets. The following 10 poems were quite popular, re-printed in several anthologies during the era or widely discussed.

"Black Art" by Amiri Baraka

"A Poem for Black Hearts" by Amiri Baraka

"I am a Black Woman" by Mari Evans

"Nikki-Rosa" by Nikki Giovanni

"Ego Tripping" by Nikki Giovanni

"It Was a Funky Deal" by Etheridge Knight

"But He Was Cool; or he even stopped for green lights" by Haki Madhubuti

"Assassination" by Haki Madhubuti

"Booker T. and W.E.B." by Dudley Randall

"summer words of a sistuh addict" by Sonia Sanchez

This entry is part of a series--30 Days of Black Arts Poetry.

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Mary Rose said...

Thanks for this intro, Howard. I fell in love with "Ego-tripping" when I heard your recording of Giovanni reading it in one of your displays and I love it more every time I read it. I also really like "It was a funky deal" and "But he was cool" especially. Thanks again.