Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some Volumes of Poetry Published During the 1990s

This week, I've been focusing on issues related to African American poetry during the 1990s.

Books of Collected Works by African American Poets from the 1990s
Notable African American Anthologies Feat. Poetry from the 1990s
African American Poetry During the 1990s: Some notable occurrences

The following list provides a partial record of volumes published during the 1990s. It's certainly a partial list as there were far more than the 30 or so titles listed here published during the decade. Still, this list offers a glimpse or a primer for the work produced by several different poets.

The Venus Hottentot. By Elizabeth Alexander. University of Virginia Press
From the Pyramids to the Projects. By Askia M. Toure. Africa World Press. 

The Eye in the Ceiling: Selected Poems. By Eugene B. Redmond. Harlem River Press
Poetic Magnetic. By Jayne Cortez. Bola Press.
Quilting: Poems 1987–1990. By Lucille Clifton. BOA Editions, Ltd.
The Gathering of My Name. By Cornelius Eady. Carnegie-Mellon University Press.

Big Towns, Big Talk. By Patricia Smith.

Greed. By Ai. W. W. Norton & Co.
The Book of Light. By Lucille Clifton. Cooper Canyon Press.
The Marvelous Arithmetics of Distance: Poems: 1987-1992. By Audre Lorde. W W Norton & Co.
Remembrances of Spring: Collected Early Poems. By Naomi Long Madgett. Michigan State University Press.
Johannesburg & Other Poems. By Sterling Plumpp. Another Chicago Press.

First Light: New and Selected Poems. By E. Ethelbert Miller. Black Classic Press.
What is Life? Reclaiming the Black Blues Self. By Kalamu ya Salaam. Third World Press.
Straight No Chaser. By Al Young. Creative Arts Book Company.

Mother Love. By Rita Dove. W W Norton & Co.
Wise, Why’s Y’s: The Griot's Song Djeli Ya. By Amiri Baraka. Third World Press.
You Don’t Miss Your Water. By Cornelius Eady. Henry Holt & Co.
The Weather That Kills. By Patricia Spears Jones. Coffee House Press.
Most Way Home. By Kevin Young. William Morrow and Co.
Muse and Drudge. By Harryette Mullen. Singing Horse Press

The Terrible Stories. By Lucile Clifton. BOA Editions, Ltd.
Funk Lore: New Poems. By Amiri Baraka. Littoral Books.

Somewhere in Advance of Nowhere. By Jayne Cortez. Serpent's Tail.
The Autobiography of a Jukebox. By Cornelius Eady. Carnegie-Mellon University Pres.
In Every Seam. By Allison Joseph. University of Pittsburgh Press.
Body of Life. By Elizabeth Alexander. Tia Chucha Press. 
Matters of Reality: Body Mind and Soul. By C. Liegh McInnis.

Confessions: Brainstormin’ from Midnight ‘til Dawn. C. Liegh McInnis.

On the Bus with Rosa Parks. By Rita Dove. W W Norton & Co.
Vice: New & Selected Poems. By Ai. W W Norton & Co.
Muscular Music. By Terrance Hayes. Tia Chucha Press.

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jward said...

Unlike the usual volume of poetry, Kalamu ya Salaam's WHAT IS LIFE? uses poems as preludes or extended epigraphs for prose essays.