Monday, August 1, 2011

Blogging about Poetry in July 2011

Looking back, I was more active blogging about poetry than I initially thought. I finally made time to write about spoken word poetry a little more than I had in the past, which is good. I also tracked down and posted links to some early poems by Langston Hughes that were initially published in Poetry. Locating Hughes in early issues of Poetry also led me to Gwendolyn Brooks and Margaret Walker's presence in the magazine.

 • July 31:  Working out, listening to Robert Creeley
• July 30: Jill Scott & Erykah Badu: From Spoken Word to R&B
• July 29: How Black Poets Challenged Literary Conventions
• July 27: Poets Who Read vs. Poets Who Perform
• July 25: Spoken Word Poetry & Black Intellectual Histories
• July 25: A Poet, A Rapper, and His Notebooks
• July 22: 5 Animated poems by African American poets
• July 21: Black Poetry published by Norton and Company
• July 19: 10 Poems (with Audio) by Black Poets on Poets.Org site
•July 17: Marking up Robert Hayden's "Frederick Douglass"
• July 16: 8 Lessons, Insights from the Sonia Sanchez Seminar
• July 15: Eugene B. Redmond and the EBR Collection
• July 15: Smartphones and Black Poetry: Some Preliminary Impressions
• July 14: Langston Hughes in Poetry magazine
• July 14: "We Real Cool" & "For My People" First Appeared in Poetry Mag.
• July 13: The Journey of Margaret Walker's "For My People"
• July 12: 4 Langston Hughes poems from 1926 Poetry Magazine
• July 10: Eugene B. Redmond's Epic East St. Louis Poem
• July 7: Black Poetry at the Strand Bookstore
• July 6: When Print, Performance & Online Cultures Converge: Amiri Baraka's "Dope"
• July 6: 10 Amiri Baraka poems on youtube
• July 5: 104 African American Volumes of Poetry by Publisher, 2000-2011
• July 4: Keeping Poetry Alive in Mississippi: C. Liegh McInnis
• July 3: Eugene Redmond and the Ghosts of Dunham, Hurston, & Schomburg
• July 2: Blogging about Black Verse in June 2011            

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