Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blogging about Black Verse in June 2011

I was teaching classes in June in Texas, so in many ways, my routine of reading, writing, blogging, and tweeting about African American poetry was somewhat altered and slowed at times. Still, looking back, I managed to get some work done that I can look back on and expand on later.

I wanted to do more writing about rap as well, but as you'll notice, I only produced one piece on Jay Electronica. Maybe more in July and August. 

June 30: Tyehimba Jess & Treasure Williams on Anti-Black Racism as Ugly Envy
June 30: The Folk Consciousness of Tyehimba Jess & Treasure Williams
June 28: The Remarkable Ingenuity (and indifference) of Amiri Baraka
June 26: 5 Reasons Kevin Young's Ardency Matters

June 23: Calvin Forbes Shines Some light on Raccoon in Poetry Magazine
June 22: Black Studies Contributors Attend Sonia Sanchez Seminar
June 21: Pleasant Surprises: Thomas Sayers Ellis, Nikki Giovanni & Poetry Magazine
June 20: Teleportation & Hughes's "Negro Speaks of Rivers": An Afrofuturist Reading
June 19: 20 Poems (with Audio) by Black Poets on the Poetry Foundation Site
June 16: 25 Things to do with Robert Hayden’s “Frederick Douglass”
June 14: Marilyn Nelson's Carver as a Crucial Connector
June 13: Nikky Finney's George Bush Sonnet Sequence, Pt. 1
June 11: Malcolm X--Verbal Artist & Muse
June 3: Poetry as Passport: Getting to Other Worlds through Translations
June 1: Toward a Recent Intellectual History of Consciousness in Rap: Jay Electronica

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