Wednesday, July 6, 2011

10 Amiri Baraka poems on youtube

I was researching a piece on Baraka's poem "Dope" and needed to note the appearance of that poem on youtube. It reminded me that there are several Baraka poems on youtube. Here's a short list with just 10 of him reading/performing.

"Somebody Blew Up America" - Baraka reads with saxophonist Ron Brown.

"Obama Poem" - Baraka reading with saxophonist Ron Brown.

"Un Poco Loco" - Baraka selections from his "low coup" with saxophonist Ron Brown.

"Something In The Way Of Things (In Town)" - This one is Baraka's reading of the poem that appears on the Roots album. A group provides a "a visual adaptation of Baraka's scathing and foreboding social commentary (music by The Roots.) Shot on three different types of film and two different types of video over three months with at least fifty actors/extras in about twenty-five locations in the West Philly area by one guy." Really powerful.

"Dope" - This one is from a recording of Baraka's reading of the poem in 1980. 

"In the Funk World" - I produced this one from one of Baraka's reading of one of his well-known low coup. 

"Why is We American?" - This is one of Baraka reading an excerpt from his poem on Def Poetry Jam; he's  introduced by Mos Def.

"Ode to Obama" - This one is from a series presented by the Associated Press acknowledging Obama's inauguration. The link is Baraka's contribution.

"Money" - I'm still working to figure out when and where this one was first recorded. The file here is actually incomplete. 

"Who Will Survive America?" This is a recording from Baraka's 1972 album.

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