Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Still Rising: Black Studies in November

"Leaving behind nights of terror and fear," she wrote. "I rise." And then, "Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear," she continued. "I rise." Maya Angelou's well known poem "Still I Rise" is the "text," or perhaps the soundtrack we're taking for our approach to Black Studies in November.

Thursday, November 4th, we'll host two exhibits, one on evolving books covers related to the writer Richard Wright's autobiography and another on African American poets, featuring photographs from the Eugene B. Redmond Collection. The exhibits take place from 10 to 11 and then from 12 to 1 at the EBR Reading Room on the third floor of Lovejoy Library.

Also, on Thursday, November 4th, from 2 – 4:30, we’ll host a “browsing session” focusing on contemporary African American poetry in Peck Hall, room 3117.

November 5th, we host our project "The Mixed Media Poetry Project" at Woodland Elementary School in Edwardsville for the school's 5th graders.

November 9th, we present an exhibit "Ways of Thinking about East St. Louis" as part of our continuing series Thinking about Urban Spaces.

November 10th and 11th, we'll coordinate an informational session "Race, Diversity, and Disparity." More info to come, but the session will begin to address issues of diversity by taking a closer look at the data.

November 15th, we host an exhibit on poetry and media at the SIUE/East St. Louis Charter School.

November 17th and 18th, we'll host an audio-visual exhibit showcasing recent poems by Adrian Matejka.

November 18th, we'll host another Haley Public Thinking Event.

November 29th and 30th, we'll host an audio-visual exhibit featuring research by one of our newest professors Candice Jackson. Professor Jackson has been doing research on these church fans that depict all kinds of ideas about race.

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