Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Emily Phillips on Contemporary Poetry

Poet Allison Joseph interviewed by Emily Phillips, September 9, 2010.

Over the last few months, Emily Phillips, one of our contributors, has produced more more than 15 write ups on volumes of poetry and individual poems included in our collection. She's written about Allison Joseph, Lucille Clifton, Rita Dove, Tara Betts, Honoree Jeffers, Marilyn Nelson, and Elizabeth Alexander.

Emily's writings comprise part of the foundations of our developing commentary on verse. To view some her writings, follow any of the links below:

Lessons Reading Poets
Allison Joseph's "The Jealous Girl"
Rita Dove's "Friedrich Augustus Bridgetower Discovers the Purposes of Fatherhood"
Rita Dove’s American Smooth
Lucille Clifton's Voices
Elizabeth Alexander’s “Praise Song for the Day”
Marilyn Nelson's Carver: A Life in Poems, Pt. 2
Marilyn Nelson's Carver: A Life in Poems, Pt. 1
Honorée Jeffers's Outlandish Blues
Tara Betts's Arc & Hue
Allison Joseph's poem "Who you calling Ugly?"
Body Perception in A. Joseph's poem "Skinny Legs"
Allison Joseph's Imitation of Life
Allison Joseph's Worldly Pleasures
Lucille Clifton's Mercy
Rita Dove's Sonata Mulattica
Allison Joseph's Voice: Poems

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