Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Style, Fashion Priorities

During the first day of our style, politics, and black women @ siue exhibit, we asked visitors about their stylistic and fashion priorities. We wanted to know: what single feature of your style, fashion, or self-presentation do you often prioritize or think about most? Why?

Here are a selection of their responses:

Earrings!!! After transitioning for 10 months, I did my big chop. I was no longer the light skinned girl with long hair so my earrings became a way of expressing my independence and creativity whether buying or making them know me by m earrings.

Ever since I was a little girl, I was taught that it is inappropriate for a woman to be without her earrings and everyday jewelry. In high school, I wore gold jewelry, and as I got older, I switched to pearls. They are classy and fit perfectly with most outfits. Due to this upbringing, I feel bare without my jewelry.

I often think about lip gloss the most because I want people to see my face rather than my body and focus on what it is I’m discussing.

I generally focus on my outfit. I want colors that complement one another but aren’t branded mainstream outfits people are old are in season. I wear what the weather and my needs require on a day-to-day basis.

My jewelry is my priority. I am defined by my Tibetan bracelets as they provide me with my daily connection to the Buddha.

For me…when I’m getting ready my jeans would have to be my first priority. It really matters how my jeans fit on me. Some jeans may be too tight or some may make me look thick.

My most important style accents are my shoes. It is interesting because I don’t really care about the rest of it. I think it’s really the only way I express my idea of fashion.

My “style” is an afterthought. My first priority is comfort. Comfort describes me. I’m laid back, easygoing, and down to earth. I dress how I feel.

I cannot imagine spending more than a minute to get dressed. But, being a guy, it isn’t high on my priority list. What’s in the closet is what’s in the closet.

When it comes to my style, my shirt and jeans matter most. I choose comfort over design, but when the design fits with both my comfort what I like I get this feeling of peace. My jeans are comfortable. When they get holes in them, I choose to keep them because I wore those holes into them, almost as a sign of respect.

I prioritize hats. I have to wear a hat everyday so before I go out I have to match up my clothes with the hat I want to wear.

I figure out what my shirt is going to be then go from there.

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