Saturday, October 30, 2010

Redmond visits the Redmond Room

(Eugene B. Redmond at the EBR Reading Room, Oct. 25, 2010)

This past Monday, Eugene B. Redmond got a chance to stop by the Redmond Reading Room. Our new colleague, Candice Jackson, joined us as we looked over and discussed materials in the room.

It was Redmond's first time visiting the room since we've had the old metal bookshelves replaced with wooden ones and since we've organized the books and display panels on the shelves. He seemed pleased with the room's makeover.

Not long ago, the room now known as the Redmond Reading Room was used as just a storage space. During the early part of the summer, we began the process of transforming the area into a room that could showcase some of Redmond's books and photographs during the early part of the summer.

So far, the room has served as a reading area, a small performance space, and gallery for presenting a number of our black studies projects. The plan is to continue doing more.

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