Friday, October 29, 2010

Hair as Priority

We asked visitors at our style, politics, and black women @ siue exhibit to describe some of their style priorities, and one common answer we received was "hair." Check out some of their descriptions and responses:

The single thing that sets my fashion off is having something in my hair. It was something I grew up with and now it is a part of me. Without it, I feel incomplete.

I prioritize my hair. I keep my hair done at all times, and I enjoy doing others. My hair can express the way I feel.

When I wake up in the morning I think about my hair first. What am I going to do to it today, then my clothes and I’m ready to go!

I often think about my hair. The night before, I always think about how I want to wear my hair: straight or curly. It all depends on my mood.

My hair is what I prioritize most because I can change it to fit how I feel that day.

My hair. I don’t mix it up, but since it’s curly it does its own unique thing every day. And so I have to subdue it every morning!

My hair! I don’t like to walk around without my hair styled in some way, even if I style it myself. And cute earrings. They look good with my hairdos.

Priority 1: Hair. My hair is my thing.
Priority 2: Clothes and comfort. I’m way past being cute over comfort. My days of the “my feet hurt” walk are over.

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