Friday, September 10, 2010

Multi-threaded commentary & Allison Joseph

For two years now, we've been developing our Promise of Poetry project, a knowledge building initiative about contemporary African American poetry. This year, we decided to concentrate our efforts and produce a series of posts on individual writers.

Emily Phillis, one of our newer black studies contributors, has been taking a leading role in our project by assisting me in writing about various contemporary volumes. For the last month or so, Emily and I have been writing about the work of poet Allison Joseph, who did a reading on campus last night.

I've been referring to our relatively short posts on Joseph's poetry as "multi-threaded commentary." The phrase suggests something about our move from the one-time review format to a series or thread of writings about a poet's work like Joseph's over the course of several different posts and an extended period of time.

You can check out some of our writings so far here:
Notes on Allison Joseph's reading at SIUE
Allison Joseph's poem "Who you calling Ugly?"
Allison Joseph and the fourteen-line box
Body Perception in A. Joseph's poem "Skinny Legs"
10 poems (online) by Allison Joseph
Allison Joseph and Creativity
Allison Joseph's Imitation of Life
Allison Joseph's Worldly Pleasures
Allison Joseph's Voice: Poems
Looking for Allison Joseph

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