Monday, September 20, 2010

Black Studies as Movement

This semester, we've committed ourselves to moving at a lively, upbeat pace. We've organized and will continue to organize about two to three public projects per week this semester. The goal, for this semester at least, is to put black studies back in touch with some of its roots to movement.

We also want to expand the opportunities for folks at the university to participate in learning experiences related to black culture and ideas.

So far, we've organized politically inspiring black women events and the NYC aspects of our Thinking About Urban Spaces series. We have also begun hosting events in our recently established Eugene B. Redmond Reading room.

In the coming month, we'll organize a week of events based on literary art about enslavement and struggles for freedom. We'll organize an exhibit focusing on "14 Ways of Thinking about Chicago," which will include poems and raps by members of our crew. We'll also produce a project about "style, politics, and black women @ siue."

Stay tuned.

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