Sunday, August 29, 2010

Haley Scholars Common Reading Projects

This semester, we'll coordinate two common reading projects involving Johnetta Haley Scholarship recipients. On Tuesdays, we'll continue our discussion of Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers: The Story of Success, and on Thursdays, we'll post and discuss Paul Tough's Whatever it Takes: Geoffrey Canada's Quest to Change Harlem and America.

This past Thursday, we met with more than 100 Haley Scholars, helped distribute books, and discussed the upcoming reading projects. In addition to our weekly blog posts, we'll host "public thinking events" where we'll share and exchange ideas about concepts raised in the books.

We had a good time running the program last year and quite a bit of participation. So I'm hoping that we can expand this year, and get even higher levels of participation from our contributors. I'm really looking forward to our monthly public thinking events, which will make it possible move from the space of our blog to a public venue on campus.

• August 31: Outliers and Community
• September 7: Accumulative Advantages of Outliers 
• September 14: Outliers' 10,000 Hour Rule
• September 21: The Trouble with Outliers, Part 1
• September 28: Practical Intelligence and Outliers
• October 5: Practical Intelligence and Outliers
• October 12: Meaningful Work and Outliers 
• October 19: The Lessons of Outliers, Pt. 1
• October 26: On Cultural Legacies and Outliers
• November 2: Outliers and PDI
• November 9: Rice Paddies and Outliers
• November 16: Bargains and Outliers 
• November 30: Race and Outliers 
• December 7: Opportunities, Barriers, and Outliers   

Whatever it Takes
• September 2: Harlem Zone, Vision, & Disparity 
• September 9: Harlem Zone, Poverty, & Skills
• September 16: Harlem Zone & Baby College
• September 23: Values, Middle-Class Aspirations, & the Harlem Zone 
• September 30: Values & the Harlem Zone
• October 7: Harlem Zone and Different Schooling Ideas
• October 14: Harlem Zone & Bad Apples
• October 21: The Lessons of the Harlem Children's Zone, Pt. 1
• October 28: Harlem Zone & Emotional Struggles
• November 4: Harlem zone & Skill Matters
• November 11: Escape Velocity & the Harlem Zone
• November 18: State of Education and Harlem Zone
• December 2: Individuals, Collectives, and the Harlem Zone 
• December 9: Reflections on the Harlem Zone 

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