Monday, July 26, 2010

Promise of Poetry (2010)

Well, we began our Promise of Poetry program last fall with the hopes of increasing participation in the appreciation of literary art through a series of “browsing sessions” and blog posts and by encouraging groups of people at the university to exchange ideas about poetry. We'll continue the program this fall; in fact, we'll begin early with write-ups on several poets over the next few weeks.

Although our poetry volumes published since 2000 is beginning to extend to over 100 books, we will pay close attention to a select number in our collection this call. We'll highlight books by poets whose works link up to some of our program's ongoing interests, some poets who have come to our attention for particular reasons, and some poets whose works have drawn the interest of some of our readers at browsing sessions last year.

In all, we'll try to give special attention to about 25 volumes or so. We'll showcase works by poets such as Rita Dove, Natasha Trethewey, Kevin Young, Lucille Clifton, Allison Joseph, and many more.

Emily Phillips, one of our newest contributors, has composed several writings on poets in our collection. Her writings will lead the way on what we hope will be an expanded mix of responses to poets' work here during the coming months.

Allison Joseph's Voices: Poems

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