Monday, July 26, 2010

Looking for Allison Joseph

Allison Joseph remains on of our most prolific poets, especially in terms of volumes of poetry. More than that, she's a really wonderful writer, and she's actually right down the street, so to speak, at Carbondale.

We plan to publish several posts on Joseph's poetry over the next few months, so you should be sure to look for our writings on her here. It's kind of surprising that more folks haven't taken up to writing about her work, given her extensive body of work. But then again, not enough writings appear about poetry in general, so...yeah.

In a way, haven't so many of us be looking for Allison Joseph, or a poet like her? You know, a poet, who, as Emily Phillips was writing, connects with us by "creating a genuine, engaging voice" and causes us to nod and lean "closer into the book, listening as I would to a friend revealing her thoughts to me."

Of the poets we'll highlight this coming semester, Joseph has an important presence because of the quality and quantity of her work. So we'll see if we can say something useful about her work.

Allison Joseph's Voice: Poems

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