Thursday, April 1, 2010

Focus on Toni Morrison

This week's video focuses on EBR photographs of Toni Morrison. Professor Catherine Seltzer, who teaches American literature in the department of English here at SIUE, shares some of her thoughts on Morrison's work. Our contributor Al Henderson selected the instrumental and mixed the audio for us.

Images from the video:

Redmond took the first couple of images in 1974 in New York when Morrison was working as an editor at Random House. At the time, Morrison had worked with Redmond on bringing Henry Dumas's writings into print. The next series of images show Morrison with Amiri Baraka, Maya Angelou, and Rita Dove, respectively, at a party organized by Angelou in North Carolina in 1994. The gathering was celebrating Morrison's 1993 receipt of the Nobel Prize in Literature. The next image shows Morrison at a conference in 2004, and the last image shows Morrison responding to cheers from the crowd at the North Carolina gathering in 1994.

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