Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pongo's "Miss Amerikkka"

Here's an excerpt from "Miss Amerikkka" from The Malcolm X Mixtape.

I view this song as one of Pongo's most brilliant, fiery compositions from the mixtape. What you'll hear is Malcolm followed by the main chorus of the song; the words to that chorus are as follows:

Welcome to America/ where you can be all you can be
If you're Caucasian with some paper its the land of the free
Or if you black and sell your soul you'll be successful indeed
Or go to college get some debt but never get your degree
This is america, forget who God made you to be
Go get a perm, get some bleach and put Botox in your cheeks
Or better yet, get a tan spend some time on the beach
And maybe then you could look like me!

And stop runnin' for Ms. America (4x)

Hey miss america how you doin
People you busy screwing for money you been pursuing
Heard you got a black man now, hope he treating you good
Soon as he start trippin you sendin him to the hood
Of Chicago, I see progression recession just a reflection

The Malcolm Mixtape
from Pongo’s “Education (Intro.)”
from Henderson’s “Revolution”

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