Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Priority for 2010

An editorial, Americans Without Work, from today's Times proposes that President Obama and Congressional should "make job creation the undisputed priority for 2010."

In addition to advocating for more jobs for older adults, the writers explain that more must be done "to address the ominous shortfall of jobs among the young people who have been driven from the job market — and marginalized economically — in record numbers." They add that "the problem is especially alarming in low-income, minority communities where the jobless rate for high school students is hovering near 90 percent."

And the shortfall of jobs for young people, many of whom are people of color, have several long-term consequences.
First, young people who do not find work tend to become discouraged early on and stop trying. They fail to develop the work force skills that make them attractive to employers, which means that they are likely to remain unemployed or underemployed well into their adult years. People who do not find work in their early years also have higher dropout rates and are more likely to commit crimes — meaning they are at higher risk of becoming permanent burdens to society.

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