Thursday, December 10, 2009

"A Glorious Celebration:" Redmond Discusses Harlem Procession

Eugene Redmond and I often have these wide-ranging conversations about various interesting things we've read. Last Sunday, I was telling him about an article in the New York Times from the summer of 2008, about the the funeral procession for Dr. Barbara Ann Teer.

According to the article, the procession took place in Harlem and had a horse-drawn carriage, drummers, dancers, doves, and get this, an elephant. "An elephant! Can you believe that? I bet that was something," I said to Redmond.

"Yeah, it was," he replied.

"Hold up? You were there?"

As it turns out, Prof. Redmond had flown to New York for the procession and funeral honoring Dr. Teer. He took a couple hundred photographs. I had my recorder when I visited him on Sunday, so I asked him to reflect on that day as we flipped through his images. With his permission, I've represented some of his photos and commentary in the following short video.


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