Saturday, December 5, 2009

Black Backlash in the Age of Obama

Charles Blow's op-ed Black in the Age of Obama raises several points and backs them with stats that lets us know that all's not good for black folks these days.

Check this one:
According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2008 hate crimes data released last week, anti-black hate crimes rose 4 percent from 2007, while the combined hate crimes against all other racial categories declined 11 percent. If you look at the two-year trend, which would include Obama’s ascension as a candidate, anti-black hate crimes have risen 8 percent, while those against the other racial groups have fallen 19 percent.

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Anonymous said...

The data is not surprising since the president himself receives/received death threats from "groups" that dont like african-americans. On another note, the institution that is "Hate Crimes" is flawed...all violent crimes are performed from some type of hate. To label something a hate crime is stupid...(Stupid is the only word I could think of..LOL)