Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Michelle O.: A First Lady First

Here's Rozina Coleman, one of our long time contributors, with a short write up on Michelle O. for our Politically Inspiring Black Women series.
Michelle Obama. First Ladies First. “Michelle who?” is no longer a question. Hers is a household name of magnanimous proportions. There was a time, in the recent past, when a person could simply say “Michelle” and reference a sister, cousin, or friend. Not anymore. “Michelle” is often Michelle Obama. And from her springs inspirations that high achievements are more accessible than initially thought possible by some young African American women.

Michelle Obama’s story is almost storybook. Humble beginnings. South Side of Chicago. Public Schools. Princeton University. Harvard Law graduate. Partner. Community services advocate. First Lady of the United States of America. Super(role)model.

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