Saturday, September 5, 2009

Following Eric Holder

I was saying this past week to the young brothers I work with here at the university that we really have to follow our guy, Attorney General Eric Holder, check out how he's making moves. Back in February at a black history month program, Holder noted that our country has been a "nation of cowards" on issues related to race.

More recently, he has pushed for an examination of the C.I.A., and he's also moving to give the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division more prominence. Here's an excerpt of his speech at the Sept. 3 Hispanic National Bar Association Annual Conference:
We seek diversity not just for its own sake, but because our nation is stronger when people from all backgrounds participate in the administration of justice.

When I was confirmed as Attorney General, I made it clear that during my tenure, we would restore luster to the Justice Department's "crown jewel" -- our Civil Rights Division. I promised that the Civil Rights Division would fight discrimination as fiercely as the Criminal Division fights crime -- and that we would once again honor the spirit of the movement that inspired its creation.

Seven months later, I can say with confidence that although much work lies ahead, we are well on our way. Let me say this very clearly: The Civil Rights Division is once again open for business.

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