Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chess and Lessons from Elders

These days, when folks think of talented black men, the young ones playing basketball or rapping come to mind. Images of young black men are far more pervasive on television and various other airwaves.

But on one of our days in New York, a group of our travelers got a quick reminder that some of the older cats have all kinds of skills too. And at a moment's notice, those elder guys are ready and willing to take you to school.

Some of us walked into Washington Square Park in the Village on a Friday afternoon. We wanted to see what the chess players were up to. A few of our travelers (pictured above) challenged some of the elder cats to play. What happened?

Well, my team was 0 for the day, lost a lil bit of money, and were on the receiving end of some colorful trash talking. But no matter. Lessons were learned. And more importantly, my crew vowed to work on their skills and make a return journey to avenge their defeats.

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