Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Media Literacy

Media literacy is the ability to understand, analyze, evaluate and communicate media messages. Increased media literacy across black communities might assist us in overcoming the trappings and effects of problematic messages.

Stephen Stirling’s article B-Boys Will Be Boys: An Interview With Byron Hurt concentrates on the influence that hip hop music has on black communities and considers how media literacy can help to defuse a lot of the negative images and ideals about black men. According to filmmaker Byron Hurt, "My role as a documentary filmmaker is to push consciousness and make people think critically. If I can get people to view hip-hop, good. If I can inspire people to question what they know about it, great. If I can inspire people to organize and take action on these issues, you know, that would be amazing."

For Hurt, media literacy education is important and vital in fighting against industries that sell socially degrading music and that promote troubling messages to black communities.

--Smith & Rambsy

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