Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Those Obama Words

Shortly after the election, one of our colleagues wanted to know why there was a certain silence from the more "official" sectors of the campus community concerning Barack Obama's historic election.

To the extents that black studies programs have had long histories of speaking up and speaking out, a group of us responded to that initial question about silence by coming up with some common and contradictory words used to describe Obama. We sharpened the list and came up with a design that corresponded to our black studies visual matters campaign.

The process of working with about 15 black studies affiliates--a group that included professors, staff, and students--to pull together "those Obama words" reminded me once again about some of the positive, unexpected outcomes of collective compositions.

Our plan now is to circulate some of the flyers to circles on campus. Then, we'll get ready for Part II of this series.

[Image design by Tristan Denyer and Marci Daniels.]


Participant120 said...

I like this poster and the descriptions of Barrack Obama you all picked were right on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. We had a good time pulling the varied ideas and words together in a common space. I'm looking forward to doing more of these collaborations.