Monday, October 13, 2008

Southern Illinois Along the Light Rail

On August 31, when we launched the SIUE Black Studies blog, we also began our other blog project, Along the Light Rail. This blog serves as a venue for extended conversations about light rail travel in the Metro East, the region known more formally as the Illinois Section of the St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The blog serves as an integral component to our research and humanities project, Southern Illinois along the Light Rail. Our goal with the project is to chart cultural implications of light rail travel and public transportation in the region.

Although our interests in literary representations of cityscapes led us to the light rail at a focal point, we actually found that we started our project at a crucial moment for public transportation in the area. On November 4, when citizens vote on the next president, residents of St. Louis County will also vote on a sales tax increase that would be vital for continued bus, light rail, and call-a-ride service.

For many, the value of public transit is crucial.

We’ve been following the lead-up to the transit-related vote with continued interest, as the results will certainly have important consequences on the future of light rail travel and public transportation in the region.

Similar to our other black studies projects, Southern Illinois along the Light Rail is providing us with important opportunities to merge our interests in black studies, technology, visual matters, and cultural knowledge and interactions.

When and if you get a chance, do stop by:

Image: Train arriving at the East Riverfront station. Courtesy of H.R. for Along the Light Rail.


jward said...


Your blog is exemplary. I am recommending it to the Department of English and the African World Studies Program at Dillard University.

Jerry W. Ward, Jr.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment and for spreading the word about our program blog.

We'll start the print phase of our visual campaign soon, and we'll be sure to put you on our list of recipients.