Friday, October 24, 2008

R. Wright, R. Duncanson, and T. Monk

For today’s post, our piece blends Richard Wright’s haiku with Robert Scott Duncanson’s nature paintings and Thelonious Monk's rendition of “Round about Midnight.”

Have a safe and relaxing weekend.


Pollard said...

Simply beautiful. Wright, Duncanson and Monk. Who could have imagined these 'masterful' creations of African North American culture and men, from such different eras and art forms could be brought together in such a brilliant orchestration of the grace that is an essential element of the human spirit/black spirit. No flare, no fuss. Just the simple gorgeous words of Wright. The transcendence of Duncanson's imagery. And the complex playfulness of Monk at 'Midnight'. I felt at peace and meditative while watching this video.
Request of Respect: Is it possible for me to use this video in one of my upcoming blog posts? Obviously I will link it back to your blog. Please let me know. I will continue to review but a great looking blog so far. There is a fine scholarly feel so far. Take care. lloyd

Anonymous said...

lloyd: Thanks for the generous words and for stopping by. Feel free to use the video for your posts as well. Always good to build a broader audience for Wright and other, to apply your phrasing, African North American artists.

We'll keep experimenting with these mixes of varied writers, visual artists, and musicians and see what happens.