Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Notebook on Dometi Pongo

Pongo in NYC with black studies crew 2010
Dometi Pongo has been one of our leading contributors since arriving to the university back in 2008. He has helped us coordinate programs, led public humanities projects, and produced the one-of-a-kind Malcolm X Mixtape, to name just a few of his contributions.

Pongo or "Proph" (short for his stage-name Prophecy) graduated on Saturday. I've provided links to some of our coverage of him and his writings on the blog. I imagine this list will grow as his graduation will hardly stop us from calling on him for assistance. 

Decmeber 13: Notes on the Black Books Book Sale
November 19: Reflecting on “From Profit To Prophecy”
October 27: Dometi Pongo at the Black Verse Exhibit
October 24: Cole World: Message to the Grassroots
October 16: Handwritten & Typed Versions of Rhymes by Dometi Pongo
October 6: Rick Ross and the Streets
September 14:  Bridging the Gap – Notes on “Murder to Excellence”
September 5:  From Chicago (to SIUE) to NYC
July 25: A Poet, A Rapper, and His Notebooks 
March 29:  Reflections on the Ta-Nehisi Coates visit

September 2: C.H.I. to N.Y. Part II
May 18: Chess Lessons in NYC
April 25: Mixtape Showcase
March 21: Pongo’s “Miss Amerikkka” 
March 19: Pongo's "Education (Intro)"
March 19: The Malcolm X Mixtape

August 8: Recruiting Talent, Building Black Studies

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