Sunday, February 2, 2020

A notebook on Nikky Finney for Spring 2020

In the lead up to Nikky Finney's newest volume of poetry, Christiana McClain and I are producing a series of blog entries based on Finney's work.


Nikky Finney's generational cohort -- Howard Rambsy II
"Shaker: Wilma Rudolph Appears While Riding the Althea Gibson Highway Home" -- Christiana McClain
Still thinking about to Nikky Finney's "Plunder" -- Howard Rambsy II
"Shark Bite" from The World Is Round -- Christiana McClain
On first meeting Nikky Finney -- Howard Rambsy II
Nikky Finney’s “Cotton Tea” from Rice -- Christiana McClain
Returning to Nikky Finney -- Howard Rambsy II
The Ghost of Black Women in Nikky Finney’s Poetry -- Christiana McClain

A Notebook on the work of Nikky Finney

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